Sunday, 4 April 2010

Supporting you to create infinite possibilities...

Accredited coaching services for artists, producers, directors and creative/cultural industry professionals and graduates.

As the arts sector gets used to the new administration and all the changes invest in yourself and your development to;
  • Discover an increased sense of purpose
  • Enhance your ability to focus on key priorities
  • Consistently achieve your goals
  • Create more
  • Draw in more funds to your projects
"I have been working with Anna Sexton, who has given me inspiration and belief to progress where failure has seemed the order of the day."

Jenny Leach, Crow 
  • Initial 45 minute consultation FREE.
  • Subsequent 1hr sessions via telephone.
  • Face to face meetings can be arranged.
  • Block booking discounts are available by booking of 4 or more sessions.
Contact: Anna Sexton, accredited coach and arts professional with over 20 yrs of experience of fundraising, project and event production experience within the arts, business, cultural and third sectors.

Email:  Please put 'Open To Coaching' in the subject line of any email

Mobile: 07941 655 856

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Client testimonials

"My taster session really helped me. I gained a sense of working towards and planning for the things I had been avoiding doing. I got into action to sort things out. You really got me into a place very quickly where I felt I could open up to my dreams and be able to start making actions toward making them a reality."
Actress, VC

"Meeting with Anna gave me a chance to step back and reflect on my art practice and career from a different, new perspective. I received some inspiring feedback and quite a few useful tips on work methodology." Katarzyna Perlak

"My first consultation with Anna really helped me clarify the issues with my work & personal development that I had been struggling to define until that point. She immediately put me at my ease, and I found it easy to explain my skills, goals & the pitfalls of my work at that time. I feel much more focused about where to direct my efforts, and this in turn helps me feel confident in what I do and avoid spending so much time on areas that are not so fruitful or fulfilling. Highly recommended."
Richard Gallon, fine artist, interactive designer

"Anna’s coaching brings immediate and concrete results in the areas of your life that you want to improve. We worked on money and romance, and that same day I had a job offer and met a guy I really fancy. Anna has the ability to let you access that state of mind where everything you dream of can become reality."
EM, International artist & performer

"Anna Sexton has that rarest of qualities-the ability to bring forth the best in people.  Brimming with helpful suggestions and stratagems, she really can make a difference. She has to me and I'm sure she will to you."
Alex Beeching, artist, illustrator, writer, 

"I started my session with Anna, nervous about this huge sense of overwhelm that I was experiencing in the development of the next phase of my life. I had some big decisions to make and was feeling anxious about making a mistake. When she began to ask me questions, I noticed myself beginning to calm. She kept asking me really grounding questions and I realized that I trusted her because, in her voice, was the confidence that there was a 'way' and that together we were finding it. She did not judge - she empathised. And the tension began to unravel... at just the right pace. By the time we were done, I was reassured that I couldn't really make any mistakes and that it was ok to slow it down to suit my own pace and not just those of my ambitions. Really great job, Anna - thank you so much."
Clare Hedin, Musician, Performer and Discoverer

"You have supported me to shine a light on those areas in my life which I let hold me back from my passions."
Helen Cadbury, writer, producer, trainer and education consultant

"Its put the fire back in our bellies and helped us set quick win, achieveable goals."
Euphoric Ink, playwriting courses

"Coaching has broadened my sense of possibility. Its given me a more realistic sense of myself."
Cath Mattos, international festival and events organiser, World Festival Network

"I found all the sessions highly valuable and insightful. I felt Anna was very positive and focussed throughout each session. I got a lot out of each session. I would recommend Anna's coaching skills to others."
Sophie Ashton, artist and printmaker

"I have found Anna to be reliable, committed, remarkably insightful, generous with her skills and time, and highly organised in her approach to coaching. She is specific, focussed, and clear
sighted, and has encouraged these qualities in me. She is challenging, in the most positive and constructive of ways, and always quick to praise and acknowledge development and progress.
It has been, and continues to be, a great gift to be working with Anna, and the relationship is facilitating my own personal growth in a manner I will never cease to be grateful for."
Jenny Leach, artist and creator of 'Crow'